How to Change Your Gmail Language?

Every Gmail user understands how remarkable the Gmail app is. With its convenient filters, instantaneous search, and effective spam detection innovation, it’s an excellent method to handle your e-mails. In addition, Gmail is complimentary for all and you make the most out of it to increase your efficiency and stay up to date with your schedule.

Among the coolest functions that Gmail provides is the multilingual assistance. You can compose your e-mail in any language you desire. Gmail is presently offered in 105 various languages with over 100 virtual keyboards, input approaches and designs, and transliterations that are here to assist users type their messages in their preferred language. Although most of Gmail users select the English language for sending out an e-mail due to its appeal, the alternative to pick another input technique offers users more power and control over your inbox.

How to Change Your Gmail Language on a Computer?

On a desktop site, you can directly update your Gmail language from your inbox.

1. Login to Gmail via

2. Click on Settings, on the top right corner.

3. Click on See all Settings

4. In the General tab, go to language section

5. Choose your Gmail display language by clicking the dropdown menu. This will change the display language of your Gmail inbox.

6. To type in another language in Gmail, click on Enable Input Tools. Select your desired input method from the menu. Double click on the input tool to add it to your inbox.

7. Once you have selected the language, scroll down and click on save changes.

8. To use the input method you just selected, go to your inbox and click on a little keyboard sign in the upper right corner.

9. Compose a new message and you will see the input methods you just added.

How to Change Gmail Language in Mobile Devices?

In your Android or iPhone device:

1. Go to Phone Settings

2. Go to Language Settings

3. Tap on Add a Language

4. Search and Select your desired language.

5. After you have selected the language, go to your Gmail inbox to see the changes.

6. To change the input method on your mobile devices, Tap on Keyboard and Input Method. 

7. Select the desired input language and keyboard. Additionally, You can also download language packs or keyboards from the app store.