How to Add Reminder in Google Calendar

Calendar is produced to preserve schedule in our lives and there’s no much better choice than Google Calendar. Google Calendar can assist you arrange your daily work at office or home. In addition, a calendar app can keep you up with the hectic schedules, due dates or weekly/monthly reporting. Google Calendar’s Reminder function is constructed to guarantee you do not miss out on any crucial conference or a job in case you do not remember it. You can establish Google Calendar with particular dates and times with needed info to advise you.

As soon as the tip is set, it will notify you on that particular day and time unless you cancel it or mark it total. Google Calendar likewise offers a choice to rapidly autofill the essential fields to make it quicker to establish a suggestion. For instance, if you wish to establish a tip for “a conference with X business”, it will immediately complete any info that Calendar has actually currently gotten prior to about that business like the business phone, address etc

How to Add Reminder in Google Calendar using Mobile App?

You can use the Google Calendar app on mobile to add reminders. Here’s how you can add reminder in Google Calendar using a mobile device.

1. Open Google Calendar app on your mobile device.

2. Tap on the Plus (+) sign at the bottom.

3. Click on Reminder.

4. Enter Meeting Name

5. Set Date and Time. The All-Day switch will remind you of the reminder throughout the day. Switch it off to set the reminder for a specific date and time.

6. To set a repetitive reminder, uncheck Does Not Repeat and select a repeat sequence every day or every week as you like it too. You can also insert your custom repeat sequence with the custom recurrence button.

7. Tap Save

How to Edit, Cancel or Mark a Reminder from the Calendar app?

To edit or cancel a reminder from the calendar app:

1. Go to Google Calendar app.

2. Tap the reminder you just created.

3. Tap on the Pencil icon to edit the reminder. You can change nametimedate or repeat of the reminder. Tap on three dots from the top right corner to delete the reminder.

4. From the bottom right corner, tap the mark as done to stop the reminder.

How to Add Reminder in Google Calendar using a Computer?

To add reminder in Google Calendar using computer:

1. Open Google Calendar in the browser with

2. Click on create.

3.  Click on Reminder and enter the reminder name.

4. Select date and time for the reminder.

5. Select Repeat Day and Time and click save

6. Select any reminder to delete or edit from the calendar. You can also skip any day like Saturday and Sunday.